Current Projects

These projects highlight some of the work the North Florida Land Trust is doing in Northeast Florida.

Big Talbot Island - North Florida Land TrustBig Talbot Island

North Florida Land Trust began a campaign in 2012 to preserve all remaining privately owned lands on Big Talbot Island. The focus is on preventing future development while preserving the vital ecosystems that are at risk on the island and continuing the public enjoyment of Big Talbot Island State Park.

We have been successful in acquiring 95 percent of the private land on the island, which equals approximately 1,100 acres. We have about 34 acres of privately owned lands that we still wish to acquire. Our work on Big Talbot Island has been made possible by a generous gift from Diane Joy Milam Dennis in the form of the Robert and Merial Milam Trust.

We have also been working with Big Talbot Island State Park on cooperative land and species management, park improvements, and ecological restoration projects.

Spoil Island Restoration - North Florida Land TrustSpoil Island Restoration

North Florida Land Trust has acquired a number of critical marsh properties and in the process have acquired a great number of spoil islands. Spoil Islands are formed from dumping of dredged materials on the marsh. These islands stand as a legacy to a time this type of dumping was legal.

Over the years, the islands have been colonized with plant species, thus creating unnatural forest habitats. These artificial forests give an unfair advantage for predatory birds and mammals to raid nesting habitat for shorebirds and sea turtles, contributing to their decline.

North Florida Land Trust is looking to enhance the current habitats on these islands, turning predator havens into desirable nesting habitat used by imperiled beach-nesting birds.