Hurricane Matthew Recovery

twisted damaged dock


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We need your help.

North Florida Land Trust lost a very important part of their biological field station on Big Talbot Island during Hurricane Matthew. The 300-foot dock that provided critical water access for researchers and educators was twisted and destroyed in the storm.

The dock was located at the Talbot House Biological Field Station on Houston Avenue on Big Talbot Island. In addition to the research work, the dock was the kayak launch during annual fundraisers, like the Salt Marsh Brewgrass Festival. North Florida Land Trust is evaluating alternative options for a kayak launch for the festival.

North Florida Land Trust is thankful that no one in their land trust family suffered any personal losses during the storm.

Please donate to assist with the rebuilding of our dock!


You can also send your donation for the dock to 2038 Gilmore Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204 or contact Jim McCarthy at (904) 479-1967 or at