the mission

To preserve and enhance our quality of life by protecting North Florida's irreplaceable natural environment.

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You can protect North Florida’s natural resources before they are gone. Your gift to NFLT helps discover, purchase, and maintain important properties, preserving them forever.

key initiatives

Preservation Fund

The Preservation Fund was created to respond to our rapidly disappearing landscape and raise funds fast. It supports the crux of our mission to preserve and restore the most treasured lands in our region.
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Ocala to Osceola (O2O) Wildlife Corridor

At North Florida Land Trust we believe wildlife need big, wild, and connected landscapes that provide for their needs to find food, reproduce, and raise their young. By building an interconnected corridor from Ocala National Forest through Camp Blanding to Osceola National Forest, we can create a landscape that permanently provides for the needs of some of Florida’s most threatened species.
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Bogey Creek Preserve

After nearly two decades of conversations, negotiations, and yes, some blood, sweat and a few tears, Bogey Creek Preserve is finally a reality. North Florida Land Trust’s first publicly accessible park, Bogey Creek Preserve is a 75-acre gem in the Pumpkin Hill neighborhood of north Jacksonville.
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Amelia Forever

Amelia Island residents care about a green, vibrant and resilient community. North Florida Land Trust has partnered with the City of Fernandina Beach to identify and acquire properties across the island to serve as park space and wildlife habitats, which will add to the vibrancy of the area. Find out more about how we can preserve the remaining natural resources on Amelia Island, forever.
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Preservation Portfolio

In order to preserve the natural heritage of North Florida, we need to protect natural, historic and agricultural resources. Within our Preservation Portfolio we have identified 15 discrete areas in North Florida that we are targeting for conservation. These areas protect our highest quality waterways, wildlife habitat, historic areas, farms and forests.
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The Impact






Threatened and endangered species’ habitats protected


Without the excellent work of the N. FL Land Trust, developers would have their say, and little or no land would be preserved in its natural (or nearly natural, if you allow for trails, sanitary facilities, etc. to make visitors comfortable) state. They don’t just ask people to donate land, they assist with conservation easements for tax breaks, allowing current family to remain on the land, and they also purchase parcels at market value. They identify parcels based on a number of criteria, including recreational value as well as ecological importance. They are AMAZING!

I’ve been volunteering for NFLT’s Team Terrapin for 2 seasons now as well as a few events throughout the year. I can tell you, these people really care about what they’re doing and they are the nicest people. I’ve been volunteering with different places since high school and I’ve never felt so appreciated by an organization like I have with NFLT. They really go out of their way to show you that you are important to them and they appreciate your help whether you’ve volunteered for years or a few hours. I’ll probably continue to work with them until I’m no longer physically able to.

The NFLT has been doing terrific work in northeast Florida conserving our rapidly diminishing wild areas. They recently negotiated the purchase of 57 acres near St. Augustine, which will be purchased by the State of Florida for conservation and did so in record time. Made it look easy, which is most definitely is not.

Preserve Your Land

Are you interested in preserving your land, either as a nature preserve, or as a farm, timberland or ranch, forever? There are many ways we can help.
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