June 13, 2022
Today is Nature Photography Day! We are celebrating today by featuring one of the many photographers who contribute to NFLT and help us showcase our mission. Jean Blom has been a contributing photographer since 2021, capturing the beauty and essence of many areas within the O2O Wildlife Corridor.
We asked Jean why she took up photography and what she hopes to accomplish in sharing her work.
“Whether hiking, kayaking, or just simply walking, I have been a long-time lover of the outdoors. 10 years ago I picked up my first camera and it opened up a whole new avenue of wonder and enjoyment, not only through experiencing the adventure of the outdoors but also through being able to capture the wonderful wildlife and natural beauty of Central Florida’s forests, springs, parks, and waterways through photography. Each and every day is a delightful opportunity and a special occasion. It’s been my privilege to share on social media networks many of the plants, animals, birds, reptiles, and even insects that many other people may not have the opportunity to see first-hand. In turn, hopefully, this will contribute to developing greater respect and appreciation for nature and the outdoors, and conserving the wild spaces and natural environments of Florida.”
Enjoy some of her photos below!