December 14, 2022

NFLT is featuring its Board Members and highlighting the great work they are doing within our organization and in the broader community.

Pastor Carlton Jones

Carlton Jones is the Chairman of the Renaissance Group, a consortium of companies with experience in construction, construction management, property management, and real estate-related disciplines. Carlton has over 46 years of experience in public and private developments.

Carlton is the Pastor of the Gateway to Heaven Christian Church which he co-founded in 2012. Carlton has served on 32 boards, which included hospital systems, national trade associations, and college and foundation boards. Carlton has a Bachelor’s degree in City and Regional Planning, Architecture/ Engineering and Master’s degree in Theology, and 2 Honorary Doctorial Degrees in Divinity and Sacred Literature.

How long you have served on the board? 

I am a new Board Member of NFLT.

What influenced you to join the NFLT Board?

I was pleased to join the NFLT Board, my real estate development career began working in the Washington DC market and I realized that every development has the potential of being transformed into a special place, by the way one transforms the land into an environmental asset.  I served as a past Advisory Council Chairman of the Trust for Public Land Northeast Region during 2008-2010, and I am committed to Conservation and Preservation through several local, state and national organizations.

What excites you most about the direction of NFLT, and how will you contribute to it?

I am excited about working with our staff, consultants and board of directors who all have demonstrated their commitment to NFLT’s Vision and Mission; and the commitment of their time, talents, and gifts.

As you observe our local area, what is an issue affecting North Florida that concerns you? How do you think NFLT can help? 

The State of Florida and North Florida, in particular, are facing major changes in the effects of global warming impacts, and the need for responsible environmental real estate development design, that insures we can over time minimize the loss of life, property damage, and economic losses. The Conservation and preservation of North Florida’s barrier islands, marshes, tributaries, and waterways all contribute to making North Florida a special place to Live, Work, and Play.

What is something NFLT members, staff, and even other Board Members might be surprised to know about you? 

In High School, I was hired as a draftsman to produce plans for the construction of commercial furniture.  On my first day, I came to work looking to show off my drafting skills and the owner told me to go out into the shop and start building furniture.  He gave me an awesome experience, because of what he said.  “That I could never be a good designer unless I knew how to physically put something together,” it was so true.  I never forgot that, and have been blessed to be part of developing, designing, and building some very special places, that all began in a furniture wood shop.