Amelia Island is a stunning seaside community that invokes pride in residents and visitors alike for its unique combination of natural and historic features. Boasting an incredible tree canopy, proximity to the great Atlantic Ocean and the calming marshes along the Intracoastal Waterway, a thriving historic center and deep cultural heritage, Amelia Island is a slice of paradise.

Yet with all the wonders Amelia Island provides, these natural and historic landscapes are disappearing.


According to population growth trends, in 2070 an astonishing percentage of the island’s canopy will be lost to development. In Nassau County, only 7% of the county’s land has been preserved for conservation. The average Florida county is 29%. This puts Nassau County in the bottom 12 of 67 counties in the state. We must do more, and fast. As land becomes increasingly scarce, it will only continue to rise in value. The time to act is now.



Thanks to the citizens’ interest in pursuing conservation efforts on the island, NFLT’s existing partnerships with Amelia Tree Conservancy, the City of Fernandina Beach, Nassau County and the Tourist Development Council burgeoned into a community-wide effort to protect the island’s precious natural resources.

In 2019 the Amelia Forever Campaign Committee was formed to launch a fundraising and marketing initiative to preserve lands in need of protection. The Committee provides strategic direction on which properties to pursue and helps bring their conservation to fruition through garnered support.

Interested in donating or joining the AFC Committee? Contact us at gfletcher@nflt.org.



As a land trust, NFLT conserves land in perpetuity, meaning we protect it forever. This typically occurs in one of four ways:

    1. We purchase it in fee, hold and manage it for conservation purposes.
    2. We work with landowners to protect their land from future development in a way that still allows them to own, use, and enjoy their property.
    3. We accept land donations from private landowners, businesses, and government entities.
    4. We facilitate the purchase of conservation lands for our partners by providing property identification and funding strategy as well as real estate transaction services.

When working with entities like the City of Fernandina Beach to protect land that will not be owned and managed by NFLT, we require a “clawback provision” in the property deed. This provision ensures the property’s protection by reverting ownership to NFLT if the intended benefit for conservation were ever to be violated.



Since the launch of the Amelia Forever Campaign, we have successfully saved the following lands from the threat of development:

    • 5.9 acres on North 11th Street purchased from the Episcopal Diocese of Florida/1.58 acres expanding the Episcopal Tract– These two properties protect a freshwater marsh and high bluffs under a forested canopy. They are an oasis amid the City.
    • 3.3 acres along Citrona DriveThis property is adjacent to Egan’s Creek Greenway and provides an important buffer for protecting the sensitive marsh ecosystem along the Creek. 
    • 3.1 acres of maritime hammock forest that buffers and protects Egan’s Creek Greenway to the West and the Atlantic Ocean to the East.

While the preservation of these lands is a great accomplishment for conservation of Amelia Island, NFLT has identified over 400 acres of vital landscapes still in need of protection. Land is cheaper now than it will be as demand continues to rise and more people move to the Island. The time is now to preserve these special places. 



    • 5.3 acres located on a stream that feeds into Egans Creek. NFLT is facilitating this purchase and the City will buy the property at 100% cost.
    • 1.55 acres – Little NaNa Dune This property is adjacent to NaNa Dune and provides an important buffer for protecting the sensitive marsh ecosystem along the Creek. Preserving Little NaNa Dune will: 
      • Connect 1.55 acres to the 8.5-acre NaNa Dune, which was preserved by the National Park Service in 2005.  
      • Protect wildlife habitat for gopher tortoises and migrating shorebirds 
      • Prevent development from harming the NaNa Dune system
      • Honor the American Beach community by preserving an important piece of their natural history 

The fundraising commitment to preserve of Little NaNa Dune is $1,305,000. Help us preserve this special place by donating to the Amelia Forever campaign today! 



Your gift today goes directly to Amelia Forever projects!



Checks to Amelia Forever can be written to North Florida Land Trust with the memo: Amelia Forever and mailed to 843 W Monroe Street, Jacksonville, FL 32205. 

To make a large gift or gift of stock, contact Genevieve Fletcher at gfletcher@nflt.org or 904-479-1962 and leave a message.  


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