Amelia Forever Campaign

The unmatched beauty and rich natural resources of Amelia Island, Florida are under threat of development. In partnership with the City of Fernandina Beach, Nassau County, and the concerned citizens and businesses of Amelia Island, we are looking ahead and protecting important parcels before they are gone.

We seek to raise $4,000,000 in private support – which may be matched by public funding – for the sole purpose of conservation on Amelia Island. Join us and help keep Amelia beautiful, forever.

If you’re interested in being a lead donor or making a multi-year pledge, please contact Megan Mangiaracino at or 904-559-4157.

Amelia Forever Campaign Committee

Pam Hart, Chair
Jean Drapeau
Jane Everts
Thomas (Tommy) Grimes
Creighton (Corky) Hoffman
Kathy Mason
Connie McDaniel
Ken McDaniel
Sally Perez
Greg Roland
Genie Rostad

If you’re interested in serving on the Amelia Forever Campaign Committee, please contact Genevieve Fletcher at or 904-479-1962