History of Bogey Creek Preserve

After nearly two decades of conversations, negotiations, and yes, some blood, sweat and a few tears, Bogey Creek Preserve is finally a reality. North Florida Land Trust’s first publicly accessible park, Bogey Creek Preserve is a 75-acre gem in the Pumpkin Hill neighborhood of north Jacksonville. Prior to becoming a preserve, four generations of the Spencer family enjoyed the natural beauty and tranquility of this land. Sue Spencer, an author and environmentalist, lived on the property for decades and affectionately referred to the property as “Bugtussle.” North Florida Land Trust worked with the Spencer family to protect their land and raised the funds needed to purchase the property in 2017, a few months after Sue Spencer’s passing at the age of 97.

Bogey Creek Preserve is now apart of 7 Creeks Recreation Area

Bogey Creek Preserve is now part of a connection of parks and preserves known as the 7 Creeks Recreation Area. The new designation is part of a partnership between NFLT, the City of Jacksonville, Florida State Parks, the National Park Service, and Timucuan Parks Foundation. It was created to highlight the area that is home to seven parks and preserves and the seven creeks that run through the area which include Bogey Creek, Clapboard Creek, Cedar Point Creek, Edwards Creek, Fitzpatrick Creek, Horseshoe Creek, and Pumpkin Hill Creek. Read more about 7 Creeks Recreation Area.

Visiting Bogey Creek Preserve

Bogey Creek Preserve, located at approximately 6141 Cedar Point Road in North Jacksonville, is now open to the public daily, from sunrise to sunset. This preserve showcases cypress swamps, coastal forests, and salt marsh that support a wide variety of wildlife. Visitors are invited to enjoy the walking trails, picnic areas, and scenic views, or land their kayaks at our landing on Bogey Creek. Check our calendar of events (nflt.org/calendarofevents/) for upcoming nature tours, trail work days, and more this fall and winter! We’re excited to finally share this beautiful place with our community and we hope to see you at Bogey Creek Preserve.


Sssssup? 🐍This slender, fast-moving snake is an eastern ribbon snake! It has three light (usually yellow) stripes that run along its dark body. Two stripes are along the sides and one stripe runs down the center of the back. This individual was spotted at NFLT’s Bogey Creek Preserve.
📷: Alexa Putillo • Bogey Creek Preserve
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UPDATE: Deadline extended from Oct. 31 to Jan. 31 for the expansion of Bogey Creek Preserve. Only $50,000 needed to meet our goal! Visit the link in our bio to support the Bogey Creek Expansion.
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Happy #NationalTrailsDay! Come enjoy the trails at our Bogey Creek Preserve today. This preserve showcases cypress swamps, coastal forests, and salt marsh that support a wide variety of wildlife on a mile-long loop. #bogeycreekpreserve #northfloridawild #northfloridalandtrust ...

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The sunlight is hitting this Golden Orb Weaver just right. Do you notice the fluffy parts of the Orb Weaver's legs? Female Orb Weavers (N. clavipes) have legs that are banded brown and orange with two feathery tufts, or gaiters, on the mid-segments of two of their four pairs of legs. #northfloridawild #goldenorbweavers #bogeycreekpreserve
📷: Alex Putillo/Bogey Creek Preserve

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Bogey Creek Preserve is now part of a partnership that connects city, state, and national parks. Read more about this partnership by clicking the link in our bio.
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A $10,000 matching challenge grant has been issued by the Timucuan Parks Foundation @timucuanparks for the expansion of Bogey Creek Preserve! Thats doubling your impact! If you are interested in supporting this initiative please visit the link in our bio. #bogeycreekpreserve #bogeycreek #northfloridawild #northfloridalandtrust ...

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After a wildly popular opening year, we are excited to announce an opportunity to expand the footprint and impact of #BogeyCreekPreserve! We hope to acquire 12 acres of adjacent forests and streams to expand the Bogey Creek Preserve trail system and protect this neighboring property from development. We only have until October to save this land!

Help us raise the needed funds by visiting the link in our bio and donating today!

📷: Douglas J. Eng of Bogey Creek Preserve

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Bogey Creek Preserve was opened to the public ONE YEAR ago today! Whether you joined one of our naturalist tours, attended a field trip led by one of our partners, or visited on your own, we are grateful for everyone who has come to this special place, and are proud to offer it as a retreat to connect to nature. While Bogey Creek is currently closed, we look forward to safely reopening in the near future! Once reopen please continue to show us your experience at Bogey using the hashtag #bogeycreekpreserve. 📸: Kathleen Voight ...

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Migration has started, they are passing through Florida -😊
American Redstart #bogeycreekpreserve #birdsofinstagram #gobirding #fallmigration #americanredstart

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***All guided hikes are SOLD OUT***
The Bogey Creek Preserve Grand Opening is this Saturday!
Join the North Florida Land Trust this Saturday as they celebrate their first public access preserve, Bogey Creek Preserve! They'll have several tours throughout the day; Birdwatching Trip 8 AM – 10 AM
Nature Yoga & Hike 9 AM – 11 AM
Naturalist Tour 11 AM – 1 PM
Botany Hike 2 PM – 4 PM by Florida Native Plant Society President Susan Carr PhD!
6141 Cedar Point Rd, Jax 32226
Contact Emily Dunn, Stewardship Manager for more info: edunn@nflt.org
Sign Up: Space is limited; sign-up for free;
SIGN UP at the NFLT site https://www.nflt.org/ #northfloridalandtrust #duvalaudubonsociety #floridanativeplantsociety #bogeycreekpreserve

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We reopened our Bogey Creek Preserve for public use! We hope you enjoy your time on these trails. Please remember to continue to practice social distancing and keep a safe distance from other visitors. #bogeycreekpreserve #northfloridawild #northfloridlandtrust ...

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Photos taken in 1964 of present-day Bogey Creek Preserve reveal how little the landscape has changed since then. Because of its careful protection and preservation, Bogey Creek Preserve provides a glimpse into an earlier Florida. #ThrowbackThursday #bogeycreekpreserve #northfloridawild
Photos provided by Rob Spencer.

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We are excited to announce that the Delores Barr Weaver Fund at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida has issued a challenge grant of $125,000 to protect Bogey Creek Preserve, 70 acres of wildlands in north Jacksonville.
The property would be North Florida Land Trust's first public preserve, connect miles of recreational trails and protect habitat for bald eagles, bobcats and otters.
To donate, please go to our website at www.northfloridalandtrust.org or call Dana at (904) 859-1823 to discuss a major gift.
Photo credit: @keithnovosel

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We hope you have an evening as peaceful as the quiet but very alive #saltmarsh. #northfloridawild #lovetheland #saveourwildplaces Photo by @keithnovosel at #BogeyCreekPreserve ...

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The golden silk orb-weaver, or more commonly known as #bananaspider, is in the genus, #Nephilia, which is the oldest surviving genus of spiders dating back 165 million years. The genus name Nephila is derived from Ancient Greek, meaning "fond of spinning", from the words (nen) = to #spin + φίλος (philos) = #love. If you look closely in the light, you can see a beautiful #golden color in the weaver's web, which gives the spiders their common name. #goldensilkorbweaver #goldenorbweaver #summersfriend. Photo by @KeithNovosel at #BogeyCreekPreserve ...

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Happy National Public Lands Day! We hope you are enjoying your parks and public lands on this bright September day! #NPLD #NorthFloridaWild #NorthFloridaLandTrust Photo taken at #BogeyCreekPreserve by @keithnovosel ...

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Thank you @keithnovosel for your lovely photographs of @nflandtrust properties to remind me throughout the day of where I would rather be than at a desk inside! But truly it is a reminder why I value the work that we do - inside and out. Thanks for the #inspiration! #volunteersrock #bogeycreekpreserve #NorthFloridaWild ...

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A big THANK YOU to volunteers from ImpactJAX who came out in the rain for a workday at Bogey Creek Preserve! Volunteers spent their morning clearing trash and debris from wooded areas at the Preserve. These efforts will help us get one step closer to opening Bogey Creek Preserve up to the public for recreation. #HappyEarthDay ...

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