The Preservation Fund

NFLT’s core mission is supported by the Preservation Fund. The Preservation Fund enables NFLT to act upon a conservation opportunity with immediacy. The Preservation Fund directly supports the acquisition and protection of essential conservation lands within the O2O Wildlife Corridor and the seven counties we serve. Development of this fund is an innovative and efficient way to fundraise in a way that assures donors of their direct support of our mission. The fund provides NFLT flexibility and agility in choosing the highest priority projects, such as NFLT’s saltwater marsh initiative, DEI properties, and water quality improvement. Additionally, after the land is protected, NFLT has an ongoing responsibility, both financially and in practice, to steward that land forever and the Preservation Fund ensures NFLT has the resources to do so.

What will Florida look like twenty years from now? According to 1000 Friends of Florida, by 2040 Florida will lose more than 2.5 million acres of land to development and urban use. That is an area the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined! Below is a baseline map of development within Northeast Florida in 2010 and where it is projected to be by 2070 if we do not change the trajectory that we are on.


You can help protect wildlands now before they are consumed by development. DONATE TO THE PRESERVATION FUND TODAY! Your dollar will protect the land that protects us and all living beings. Land saves us from severe storms, protects us from floods, safeguards our water supply, ensures our own survival and the survival of other plants and animals that do not have a voice. Your support is vital. We need you NOW.



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