Preservation Fund

Bogey Creek vA Plan to Resolve a Major Hurdle for the Land Trust

The Land Trust has to get a lot done in a short amount of time and now is the time to act! Land is never going to be more affordable than it is today. With 1,000 people moving to Florida every day, the demand for land is only becoming greater. North Florida Land Trust is faced with the challenge of raising enough capital and has devised a plan to allow us to quickly move into action – from initial contact to acquisition. In most circumstances, the window to fundraise is too short to acquire the funds necessary in time for the closing. The Preservation Fund was created specifically to allow us to better prepare for purchase, management and restoration when projects are ready to close. The process of acquiring land for preservation has many steps and varies greatly from project to project. As a result, there is some level of volatility when taking a project from start to finish. Sometimes, project contracts come up quickly and we are in competition with development as was the case for a parcel in our Guana Preserve. We had to come out of our operating budget because developers wanted it for a four story building. We had less than six months to act leaving us too little of a window to fundraise the entire amount. Developing a robust fund for preservation projects as they become available is the only way we can ensure success in situations where time is of the essence. Purchasing and acquiring land is only the first step to land conservation. Land must be monitored, managed, and sometimes restored to ensure its best ecological health. Occasionally, land is managed for recreational use, which requires resources and staff capacity to attain a balance between recreational impact and the sustainability of natural resources. By donating to the Preservation Fund, you are supporting the crux of our mission to preserve and steward the most treasured lands in our region. Please consider giving to the Preservation Fund and helping us protect as much of our treasured natural land as possible! We thank all of our donors as you are the reason saving land is even possible!



“I have supported the North Florida Land Trust for over 10 years, watching the growth of a small organization to the present one which has succeeded in protecting many of our regions natural and historic places. The Land Trust has also made it possible for residential conservation easements, like the one on my property, to protect the historic live oaks from real estate development. Now I am contributing to the Trust’s effort to raise funds to have available in the Preservation Fund to purchase lands for conservation and preservation into the future. Through this fund, our contributions will go directly to protecting our area’s threatened landscape at this critical time in the race against development in Florida.”
–Cheryl Cummer