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Preserve Your Land - North Florida Land Trust

Have you ever been interested in preserving your land, either as a nature preserve, or as farm, timberland or ranch, forever? There are many ways to see land preserved and an alphabet soup of different programs that will get you there, the problem for most landowners is understanding which programs are right for their land, and which programs are right for their vision of preservation. At NFLT we have many staff members experienced in administering a broad variety of different land preservation programs, from private transactions, contracts, trusts and agreements, to applying for and managing a broad spectrum of public programs as well. Preserving your land can also have a number of benefits to the landowner, from tax and cash incentives to regulatory benefits in applying for permits. If you’re interested in preserving your land, please contact one of the following people below:

If you think you’re in our Preservation Portfolio: 

Rebecca Perry, Director of Real Estate & Community Conservation

If you think you’re in the Ocala to Osceola Greenway: 

Susan Carr, O2O Project Manager 

Everywhere Else:

Marc Hudson, Director of Strategic Conservation

If you have an interest in finding out more about any of our preserved properties, please contact us at