Services of NFLT

North Florida Land Trust is deeply knowledgeable in the preservation of land for future generations. Our scope of experience and our decision-making tools allow us to responsibly and strategically protect the most ecologically, agriculturally, and historically significant land throughout Northeast Florida. There are a number of ways we can help.

Preserve Your Land


Conservation Easement Donated By Jim McCloskey & Lynn Owens McCloskey

We work with individual land owners who are seeking permanent preservation of their property and we find the best possible program for that preservation. Depending on the property and the land owner, it might be a donated conservation easement to the land trust or could even be the outright donation or sale of the property as a new park. There are many options and we are here to guide you through them.

Facilitated Acquisitions

We will occasionally act as a transactional expert facilitating the transfer of land from a land owner to another conservation organization or government agency. Though we have no real estate interest, we will still assist in these projects.

Conservation Buyer Program

If an individual or business is looking to purchase a conservation property for personal use and is interested in protecting that property from future development, we will help to identify land in need of preservation, facilitate the purchase, and work with you to protect the land forever.