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Every acre of land we protect starts with people like you. When you become a member or make a gift to NFLT, you are making an investment in the health of our community and are safeguarding our communities’ landscapes and natural character.

You can support our mission and the work we do to preserve that which makes North Florida special in many ways:

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  • Give! Help us conserve more land by making a donation. NFLT accepts gifts of land, conservation easements, and money and can work with you to identify ways you can help that align with what is important to you. Help us say “yes” to more conservation opportunities!
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You can check out our Giving to NFLT FAQ page here.


Protect Your Land


North Florida Land Trust utilizes the most current decision-making tools and technology to protect land through acquisitions, donations, and other strategies. We manage these lands for sustainability, ecosystem health, and conservation value. Our regional footprint and vast knowledge and experience gives us a deep understanding of how community, people, government, and business integrate within the environmental value chain. The result is an unprecedented ability to protect and preserve land for future generations in Northeast Florida.

All North Florida Land Trust project lands must have a clearly defined mission-oriented conservation purpose that relates to preserving and enhancing our quality of life by protecting North Florida’s irreplaceable natural environment. This can be done by relating the project back to the NFLT strategic conservation plan, NFLT’s Preservation Priority Areas (PPA) criteria, other focal project areas already approved by the Board, public conservation policy, state agency programs, or well-reviewed scientific facts.

Our PPA previously followed certain areas or properties that held high conservation value. These areas fell into the categories of our previous mission statement of natural, historic, or working lands. In 2021 we revisited our strategic plan to bring focus to just the Northeast Florida region, with the exception of the O2O Wildlife Corridor. That means we went from serving twelve counties to seven. This was to ensure we have the capacity to give the best service possible without stretching ourselves too thin. We will give consideration to properties outside of our seven-county focus area and the O2O Wildlife Corridor if the property falls within one of our six Preservation Priority Areas. If you are interested in conserving your property, please complete the form at the PROTECT MY LAND link below and, upon receipt by NFLT, one of our staff will contact you. For more information or for questions, click on CONTACT US.


Join the McQuilkin Society


Established in 2018, the McQuilkin Society recognizes those individuals and families who devote significant time, talent, and funds to move the mission of North Florida Land Trust forward. As a committed supporter, you can become a member of the McQuilkin Society by including NFLT in your estate plans, donating land, or through cumulative giving of $10,000+. The McQuilkin Society offers unique and meaningful opportunities to support and connect with NFLT and our conservation lands. For more information, contact Lee Anderson Louy at landersonlouy@nflt.org.


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