North Florida Land Trust relies on public donations to protect and preserve areas of land within our communities. Without sufficient funding, our operations would become extremely limited or possibly even cease to exist.

To continue our mission, we’re calling on you for help! With your generous donation, we can fulfill our commitment to preserve our natural resources, lands and historic places, while continuing to expand our reach even further.



Join the McQuilkin Society

Established in 2018, the McQuilkin Society recognizes those individuals and families who devote significant time, talent, and funds to move the mission of North Florida Land Trust forward. As a committed supporter you can become a member of the McQuilkin Society by leaving NFLT in your estate, donating land, or through cumulative giving of $10,000+. The McQuilkin Society offers unique and meaningful opportunities to support and connect with NFLT and our conservation lands. For more information, contact Brenna Blake at bblake@nflt.org.

Join Team Terrapin

The diamondback terrapin is the only species of turtle in North America that lives in brackish water environments, like saltmarsh. Diamondback terrapins depend heavily on the saltmarsh habitats and sandy beaches of Northeast Florida in order to feed and lay eggs. Unfortunately, these areas are rapidly lost to human development. Terrapins also frequently get stuck in crab traps and are unable to escape. These, among other threats, make continued monitoring and protection of these turtles crucial to their survival.

We are looking for dedicated team members who will help to monitor diamondback terrapin nesting sites on and near Big Talbot Island from April to September. This ongoing monitoring is crucial to the continued protection of this species in our region. No experience is required – only enthusiasm!


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Volunteer with NFLT

Our volunteers are infinitely valuable to us and serve in a wide variety of ways. Our most common needs include trail maintenance, clean-ups, assistance with outreach events and office tasks.

If you are interested in volunteering with us or have a group interested in completing a service project, please let us know by filling out the form below.


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Preserve Your Land

NFLT’s mission is to protect farmland, forests, historic places, and wildlands across North Florida. We have a number of focal areas, including the Ocala-to-Osceola Wildlife Corridor, the Preservation Portfolio, and local community projects like Amelia Forever in Nassau County and Bogey Creek Preserve in Jacksonville. We encourage you find out more about our campaigns here.

There are a variety of ways to preserve your land, from outright sales or gifts of land for parks and preserves, to conservation easements, which allow landowners to continue to own, recreate and farm or conduct forestry on their land, while ensuring that it cannot be developed. For those landowners who might be interested in preserving their land, there can be financial and tax benefits in doing so, including cash purchases of their land or easement, as well as income, property and estate tax benefits.

For those landowners who would like to find out more, please contact us below.


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