The Preservation Portfolio is NFLT’s strategic conservation plan for Northeast Florida. In it, we’ve done our best to identify those resources that are the most important to preserve the environmental, historic, agricultural and forestry legacy of our area. We identified 15 focus areas across the region that we call Preservation Portfolio Areas that all have unique assets, either because of their environmental or agricultural significance, which may also have unique combinations of historic resources, recreational opportunities, or be important to our region’s resiliency in the face of sea level rise and climate change. Many of our Preservation Priority Areas are seeing significant development pressure and lands within them have already been lost. It’s only with the help of landowners, our non-profit, community government and agency partners, and with the support of our donors that we will be able to save these special places.

We invite everyone to see a storymap describing the Preservation Portfolio and the 15 Preservation Priority Areas here.