Ways To Give

Conservation Can’t Wait!

Help save our treasured lands and natural resources in North Florida forever. Saving land means clean air and water, recreation, family bonding and a place wildlife can thrive. Your donation helps to ensure quality of life that you can enjoy today and for future generations.

Other Ways to Give

Stock Gifts

Gifts of stock are an easy way to make a lasting contribution to NFLT while realizing significant tax benefits. By donating appreciated securities held for at least one year, you can take a tax deduction for the fair market value of your gift to avoid paying capital gains taxes. NFLT sells donated stocks tax-free, using 100% of your gift to support our land conservation efforts. Find Out More

Corporate Support

NFLT appreciates our many partnerships with corporations and businesses that share our desire to protect the natural areas of North Florida. Whether you seek to enhance your company’s philanthropic efforts, build brand awareness or offer valuable employee benefits, you will find NFLT to be a solid choice for your corporate giving. Many employers have a payroll deduction program and some even have matching programs to double the impact of your gift.

McQuilkin Society

The McQuillkin Society honors those individuals who make a generous gift of $10,000 or more to support our conservation initiatives. Major gifts from friends like you are the foundation for all that NFLT is able to accomplish. Your financial commitment enables us to permanently protect our region’s most precious natural resources now and for future generations. The McQuilkin Society also includes people who haves put us in their wills. Saving these wild spaces is truly the ultimate legacy.

Through the McQuilkin Society program we keep you informed about how your investment in NFLT is making a difference. Additionally, we provide you with special information and activities to see the results you have made possible. With each gift, you:

  • Advance NFLT’s mission to care for open space and wild lands in North Florida.
  • Are among the first to learn about new property acquisition projects.
  • Get opportunities for exclusive tours before these natural areas are open to the public.
  • Are invited to gatherings to meet other McQuilkin Society members.
  • Receive other special events, hikes and outings.
  • Leave a legacy of beautiful lands, for all to enjoy now and into the future.

As a member of the McQuilkin Society, you become a role model in our community, encouraging others to play a significant part in protecting our local lands.

Planned Giving

With a planned gift you can make a substantial gift commitment to benefit the North Florida Land Trust and at the same time receive meaningful tax and financial benefits for yourself and your heirs. Some gifts allow you to receive income for the rest of your life, and most gifts provide a variety of tax benefits such as tax-free income, avoidance of capital gains tax, increased charitable contributions deduction and potential estate-tax savings. The choice you make will depend on the goals for yourself, your family and your overall estate and financial plans.

Our development office is happy to talk to you about planned giving options, and we encourage you to speak with your own financial advisor about the best choice for you and your family.

Wills & Bequests

A will enables you to: 1) direct the distribution of your assets; 2) provide for your heirs in the way you choose rather than as state and federal laws dictate; 3) possibly reduce or eliminate certain estate taxes and court costs; and 4) designate a portion of your assets as a gift to your favorite charity.

Testamentary gifts to NFLT or other charities can take many forms, either through a new will, or through a ‘codicil’ – an amendment to your existing will.

Cash Bequest

NFLT receives a specified dollar amount.

Specific Bequest or Devise of Property

NFLT receives specified assets, such as securities, an interest in real estate (such as a residence or land), or tangible personal property.

Residuary Bequest or Devise

NFLT receives all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after specific legacies, debts, taxes, and estate expenses have been paid.

Contingent Bequest or Devise

NFLT receives a gift according to the language of the bequest. There are a wide variety of conditions that you could place on such a bequest. For example, if you outlive other named beneficiaries, then part or all of your estate would benefit NFLT.

Tax Benefits

Your bequest to NFLT may qualify your estate for a charitable deduction equal to the entire amount of the bequest. Consult your tax or financial adviser for further information.

Charitable Remainder Trusts & Charitable Lead Trusts

One or more named beneficiaries receive income for life or for a specified term of years, after which time the assets pass to NFLT. Through this arrangement, you can provide income to family members or friends, realize significant tax savings, and ensure important benefits to NFLT after the trust’s termination.

Charitable Remainder Trust

One or more named beneficiaries receive income for life or for a specified term of years, after which time the assets pass to NFLT. Through this arrangement, you can provide income to family members or friends, realize significant tax savings, and ensure important benefits to NFLT after the trust’s termination.

Charitable Lead Trust

Income from the trust is paid to NFLT for a period of years, after which time the assets pass to your heirs, usually your grandchildren, at a reduced estate tax cost. By substantially reducing estate and other transfer taxes, this arrangement allows you to preserve a larger portion of your estate for your beneficiaries.

Retirement Plans

IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, Keoghs, and other retirement plan assets make up an increasingly large part of many estates. When left to your heirs, these assets can be subject to income, estate, and other transfer taxes. Naming NFLT as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of all or a percentage of your plan assets may reduce or eliminate both income and estate taxes. Note that designating a specific dollar amount, rather than a specified percentage, may result in the inclusion of these funds in your gross estate for tax purposes.

To designate NFLT as the beneficiary of some or all of your retirement plan funds, please use the following language on the retirement plan forms:

Retirement Plans

To the North Florida Land Trust, a non-profit organization (Tax ID # 59-3609167), with a principal business address of 2038 Gilmore Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204, for its general purposes – OR – to support _________________ (e.g., conservation, recreation, education, historic preservation).

Retirement plan assets can also be placed in a testamentary charitable remainder trust to provide income to your heirs for life or a specified term of years with the remainder interest passing to NFLT.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is another asset that could be used to support NFLT, especially when a policy no longer serves its original purpose. Such gifts often provide certain tax benefits as well. To designate NFLT as the primary or contingent beneficiary of some or all of your life insurance policy, use the same language that is suggested above for use in designating retirement plan assets.

We are here to assist you!

If you would like to learn more about planned giving options, please consult your attorney and your tax or financial advisers. Your attorney or financial adviser can also get in touch with us, as well. Inquiries are confidential.

Megan Mangiaracino – Director of Development & Marketing


Photo: Douglas J. Eng.